AV Solutions’ Proactive and Preventative Maintenance (PM) services are designed to minimize the liabilities and unexpected failures of electronic communications equipment and systems. It is also designed to help keep your systems clean and in good working condition. PM includes inspecting, cleaning, testing, reporting, and training.

Key Benefits

  • On-premise inspections and testing of AV systems to identify and, where possible, resolve cooling and other unexpected issues that may compromise your system’s usefulness or lifespan
  • Proactively identifies and addresses disruptions that may occur due to power, network, or AV issues
  • Ensures your AV system is online, controlled devices are connected and communicating, and your core is examined for errors or concerns that need further evaluation
  • Easy-To-Read system report that shows the items completed by our techs, critical issues that your system currently has and what the next steps we suggest, issues to watch that might cause future failures, issues that our techs have fixed while onsite, any usage hours, and/or error info that your system may currently have.
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